About us

Manifold was founded by Guido Verhoef in 1995.


By working together with passionate artists and professionals


from various fields we thrives to create original balloon artworks and communicate happiness and creativity through out the world.




As a supplier of unique balloon projects Manifold works in the background close together with event companies, shopping malls and cities.


The goal is to achieve the highest public visibility with our projects, based on our personal invisibility as a company.




Because we believe it's our task to contribute actively to a better world Besides our commercial projects Manifold is yearly involved in several art projects and actively contributes to global fundraisers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in finding out which projects we support or want to know the possibilities to recieve support.




Mission statement;


“Share Happiness and Inspire others to use their creativity”


Bio guido

Guido Verhoef (the Netherlands) followed the European School for Performing Arts and has been actively involved in the balloon industry since 1991 as an artist, designer, teacher and producer of large scale balloon projects and shows. As producer he directed the first international balloon fashion shows of Europe (2006 Belgium), Asia (2007 China) and the USA (2008 Las Vegas).


Among the many rewards he received the title European Balloon Artist of the Year, first Prices at Large sculpture competitions in Europe and the USA and two Life Time Achievement awards for his dedication to the International Balloon Industry.


Guido has always been interested in combining art forms and seeking the collaboration with various artists, choreographers, musicians and directors.


Together with world champion Bodypainter Bella Volen they are the creative founders of Paintloons, where balloons are mixed with fine art and body paint.


With sculpture artist Hester Oerlemans he worked in Berlin and Arnhem on several of her projects like "Blobs" and "designer Chairs" exhibited in various art exhibitions throughout the Netherlands and Germany.


In 2016 Guido worked in 5 continents and organized the largest fundraiser in the balloon industry with over 30 participating countries creating balloon rhino’s to raise awareness against rhino poaching. As a signature piece a 16 x 9 meter big Rhino was built in South Africa. In Israel a 26meter high Dove of Freedom sculpture was built at 40minutes from the Syrian border. In Xiamen China Guido organized the World Balloon Art Festival bringing in 48 international artists. Together with local balloon artists and volunteers they created the first balloon festival week with daily balloon shows, a daily balloon parade and a Guinness World Record balloon exhibition using a record of 365.000 balloons and attracting 350.000 visitors.


In the past 25 years he produced 13 workshop DVD’s, over 230 shows for Dutch National Television and more than 4500 shows and performances in 5 continents.


His passion is to share happiness with his art form and inspire others to use their creativity by creating large sculptures and international creative projects in cooperation with local artists.




Artists Awards:




European Balloon Entertainer of the Year


First Price Non round sculptures Large Category T-Jam Austin V.S.


Favourite Style Price 2 minute stage competition T-Jam Austin V.S.


First Price Non round sculptures Large Category Millenniumjam Moll Belgium


Second Price 12 minute stage competition Millenniumjam Moll Belgium




Balloon decorator certification: Certified Balloon Artist


Second Price Small Sculptures Millenniumjam Moll Belgium


First Price Pandora’s Box (2minute sculpture competition) Balloon Event Amsterdam


Second Price Large Sculpture competition Balloon Event Amsterdam




Third Price 12 minute stage competition Millenniumjam Moll Belgium


Second Price Small Sculptures Millenniumjam Moll Belgium




World’s Largest Balloon tunnel Brussel Belgium




First price International film festival - short balloon films Chicago USA




Recipient of the Don Cheeseman Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award Cincinatti USA




Recipient of the David Grist Memorial Award New York USA




Guinness World Record Largest Balloon Exhibition Xiamen China




Recipient of the Inspire Award Orlando USA













































Works References:


1995 - present


President of Manifold, Dutch entertainment company


2000 - 2003


Performed in the large Musical theatre show "Barcelona" for Endemol


2001 - present


chairman of the Dutch Art Union for Performing Arts




Performing Art teacher at the Dutch School for Recreation and Tourism




Release of 13 instructional DVD's


Design and creation of more than 50 international large sculpture projects (average between 15.000 - 80.000 balloons per project)




Release short movie "Dog Tired"


Organizer first international balloon fashion show worldwide, Europe Belgium




Organizer first international balloon fashion show of Asia, Hangzhou China




Performance and script writing at weekly television show for children on Dutch National television




Artistic leader of international performing Art festivals for AEMI China




Organizer first international balloon fashion show of America, Las Vegas USA




AEMI CBC Director of Art China




Performing in own weekly television show for children broadcasted on national television in the Netherlands




BASE tv Commercial Barcelona 80.000 balloon release


TEDX Amsterdam Film promo


Exhibition Art Gallery Diepenheim oct-dec with Sculpture artist Hester oerlemans




Realization of Art installation "Stairways to heaven" at Burning Man festival USA




Release of the first Balloon Music video Clip "Link the future"




Organizer of the “Unpopable” Balloon band European tour




Initiator of the first international balloon fundraiser “STOPtheRhinoPOP”, Pretoria South Africa


Art director of the World Balloon Art Festival Xiamen China


Art director of the Guinness World Record balloon Exhibition project Xiamen China


Lead Designer of the” Dove of Freedom” International Sculpture Art Symposium, Ma’a lot Israel